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Monday 9 August, Strange Brew, Bristol, 7:00, limited early bird tickets £5, later tickets £8. Strange Brew presents an interactive evening of Deep Listening with Dan Johnson & Tina Hitchens.

Poster by Ben Trinkle

“Listening to space changes space, and changing space changes listening” – Pauline Oliveros

Anyone can practice Deep Listening. Deep Listening is an evolving, meditative practice that aims to foster personal and collective well-being through the exploration of heightened states of awareness, the receiving of sound, and the ‘lifting off’ of judgement. Dan & Tina started playing as a percussion and flute duo during the first UK lockdown in 2020, when they began exploring the acoustic possibilities of outside spaces across the empty city of Bristol. Their performances are improvised responses to each other and the environment around them. They play at the extremes of texture and rhythm; whether entirely acoustically or combining unorthodox mic techniques with multiple FX pedals, the intention is to push the boundaries of their instruments and audiences. There will be a brief introduction to Deep Listening Practices and the concepts of focal and global listening, a live acoustic performance by Tina & Dan, and a series of Deep Listening activities led by Tina & Dan, which audience members are invited to participate in (if you would prefer not to, just enjoy the sounds). The activities require no musical training or advance preparation, and will be entirely acoustic. A number of instruments will be provided, and people are welcome to bring their own acoustic instruments / objects – anything that makes a sound! Tina & Dan will lead a brief reflection on the experience following each activity. Tina & Dan will close the evening with an improvised, amplified performance providing a further Deep Listening experience. Tickets are available via Headfirst.

Thursday 15 July, Strange Brew, Bristol, 7:30, tables £50 for 5 or £40 for 4. A live seated (socially-distanced) event. Tina will perform with Viridian, presented by Schwet and supported by new act BIPED. Tickets are available via Headfirst (whole table bookings only).

Monday 12 July, Strange Brew, Bristol, 7:30, tables £10 for 2 or £15 for 3. A live seated (socially-distanced) event. Tina will perform with the Carnivorous Plants Quartet. This follows on from a release – Smog Choir. Smog Choir started as a collection of loose guitar loops recorded under the first 2020 lock-down. These loops were sent to collaborators remotely and the album blossomed into a full band recording. The quartet is Tina, Owen Chambers, Simon Mawson and Rebecca Sneddon. Appearing alongside Tom Yum Mona Lisa. Tickets are available via Headfirst (whole table bookings only).

Sunday 20 June, The Lanes, Bristol, 7:30, tables priced £32 for 4 – £48 for 6 people. A live seated (socially-distanced) show with Harpoon; we’ll be joined by visual artist Sarah James. Also appearing is Palm Oil. Tickets available via Headfirst (whole table bookings only).

Wednesday 9 June, Strange Brew, Bristol, 7:30, free entry. Tina will play synth / sing for Wendy Miasma’s band. Appearing alongside Robert Ridley-Shackleton and Lil’ Pludders. The event is free but you can book 2- and 3-seater tables via Headfirst (this is a socially-distanced show).

Tuesday 30 March, Online Zoom event. From 08.30 BST/UTC+1.   At 16:30, mine and Sam Francis’ film, High Tide, will be shown. It was made last year with support from the British Music Collection and Sound & Music. Part of ‘High Water’, an online event by Art-Earth on the day of the highest UK spring tide. Me and Sam will do a 10-minute talk through about how we made it before the film is shown. You can catch us at 4:30pm but the whole event is 12 hours! The event is free but registration is necessary, via this link.


Postponed Tuesday 17 November, The Lanes, Bristol, 7:30, tables priced £32 for 4 – £48 for 6 people. I’m really happy to be able to perform a live seated show with Harpoon; we’ll be joined by visual artist Sarah James. Also appearing is Palm Oil. Tickets available via Headfirst (whole table bookings only).

Sunday 18 October, Portobello Prom, Edinburgh, 8:00, free but booking required. High Tide, the film artist Sam Francis and I made this year as recipients of a ‘Interpreting Isolation’ grant from the British Music Collection and Sound & Music, is being featured in ‘All At Sea’. It’s a project by Arts Walk Porty, an Outdoor Film Programme happening on Sunday 18 October. The films will be projected onto Portobello Prom in Edinburgh, and will be shown again online soon afterwards.

A visual portrayal of the fragility of our seas & oceans, our climate, and of our own lives (during the pandemic), with a series of film shorts from around the world. The wild sea is explored as a metaphor for our recent uncertain times, alongside ideas for change. View the full programme here.

CANCELLED Friday 24 April, Arnolfini, Bristol, 9:45, weekend tickets £50-85. Viridian performance at Bristol New Music festival. Returning for its fourth edition, from 23-26 April 2020 Bristol New Music proposes an adventurous exploration of the city through sound, with artists from across the radius of contemporary music gathering for four days of newly commissioned works, sonic responses to rarely used spaces, landmark concert hall programmes, club nights, gallery exhibitions and film programmes. The Friday night programme includes:

Beatrice Dillon, Klein, Carl Stone, Viridian Ensemble

‘A heavyweight late night line-up of cutting-edge performances in the Arnolfini theatre, with some of the freshest UK electronic and improv protagonists alongside an American sample culture and sound art auteur’.

CANCELLED Sunday 12 April, The Crofters’ Rights, Bristol, 9:00, £10 adv. Viridian performance at SXHWX01, a new night produced in collaboration with Silver Waves and Howling Owl. Performing alongside Aircode. Tickets via Headfirst.

Saturday 7 March, The Cube, Bristol, 8:00, £9 adv / £12 otd / £6 concessions. An exceptional Viridian performance with special guest harpist Rhodri Davies. A Qwak Club night in conjunction with Cacophonous Sarcophagus, alongside Triple Negative and Jamaica!!

Wednesday 4 March, Exeter Phoenix, 7:00, free (booking recommended). Performance with Viridian at Exeter’s arts centre’s Platform series. 

Saturday 29 February, Cafe Oto, London, 7:00, £12. Performance with Viridian at Day Two of a YOUNG ECHO RESIDENCY. Also appearing are SUNUN, JABU & DANIELA DYSON, BILL ODAMS and AMA.

Wednesday 12 February, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 8:00, £5. Performance with Pigeon, an improvising quartet with Matthew Grigg, Dominic Lash and Yvonna Madga. Alongside single use plastic and Worker Vs Parasite.

Saturday 8 February, Cafe Kino, 7:30, £5. Performance with Pigeon, an improvising quartet with Matthew Grigg, Dominic Lash and Yvonna Madga.

Friday 7 February,  The Edge, Birmingham, 8:00, £8. Performance with Viridian Ensemble at Ideas of Noise Festival. Celebrating experimental sound & art across the West Midlands –  a 2 week programme of cutting edge music & art, offering a programme spanning Contemporary/Classical/Electronica/Improv/Opera/Sound & Visual Art/Film, with a mixture of performance/installation/publication/community & education projects.

Sunday 2 February, Bennet Centre, Frome, 7:00, £5. Performance with Viridian Ensemble for Frome Film Farm, alongside visual artist Matt Davies.

Saturday 25 January, The Fish Factory, Penryn, 7:30, £8. Performance with Viridian Ensemble, along with visual artists Matt Davies and Marcy Saude.

Monday 13 January, Cafe Oto, London, 7:30 £10 (£8 advance). Performance for double bassist Dominic Lash’s Consorts project. ‘Consorts explores the territories between joyous noise and gorgeous silence, acoustic whisper and amplified roar’. Consorts is: Steve Beresford, Marjolaine Charbin, Seth Cooke, Angharad Davies, Phil Durrant, Matthew Grigg, Bruno Guastalla, Tina Hitchens, Tim Hill, Sarah Hughes, Mark Langford, Dominic Lash, Yoni Silver, Alex Ward, Yvonna Magda, Hannah Marshall, Chris Cundy, Douglas Benford, Helen Papaioannou, Martin Hackett and Mark Wastell.

Tongue Theory – A Festival of Free Improvisation, Noise, Free Jazz & other avant-gardery’. Tickets: £5 advance day ticket / £12 advance weekend ticket. Advance tickets from matthewgrigg [at] hotmail [ dot] com. Day One info (evening). Day Two info (afternoon). Day Two info (evening).

Sunday 12 January (evening), The Exchange, Bristol, 7:30. Performance with Viridian Ensemble at the final event of Tongue Theory.

Sunday 12 January (afternoon), The Exchange, Bristol, 2pm. Performance at Tongue Theory with Hokkett, a part-improvised trio with Helen Papaioannu and Yvonna Magda.

Saturday 11 January, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 7:30. Two performances at day one of Tongue Theory. One appearance with Harpoon, another with ‘Bristol Unit’ – ‘A crack unit of Bristol improvisers. A cap doffed to Cecil Taylor. Expect Unit Strictures & Unfit Structures (Matthew Grigg, Tina Hitchens, Mark Langford, Dominic Lash, Yvonna Magda, Roger Skerman).


Wednesday 11th December, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 8pm, £4. Performance with new wonky pop group, Wendy Miasma, alongside Robert Ridley-Shackleton and Carnivorous Plants. 

Saturday 6th December, The Gallery DMU, Leicester, 7:30pm, £5.  Harpoon performance alongside Despicable Zee and sweetbellechobaby.

Friday 6th December, Spine, Liverpool. Harpoon performance – details tbc.

Thursday 5th December, CHUNK, Leeds, 7:30pm, £5. Harpoon performance alongside HAAR, Black Antlers and Basic Switches / Territorial Gobbing.

Wednesday 27th November, The Victoria Rooms, Bristol, 7:30pm. Halftone performance at ‘Across the Spectrum’ – a concert with CoMA Bristol in an evening of genre-busting new music.

Saturday 23rd November, Cafe Oto, London E8, 7:30pm, £10 / £8 ADVANCEViridian performance at this legendary venue, supporting Aine O’Dwyer’s ‘Tracker Action Mimes’.

Tuesday 19th November, Fizzle @ The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham, 7:30pm, £7/5. Halftone performance at this renowned improvisation night.

Friday 15th November, At The Well, Bristol, 7:30pm, £5. Tina will perform with improvising quartet Pigeon (Grigg / Hitchens / Lash / Magda) alongside Colin Webster / Dirk Serries Duo and Tim Hill.

Saturday 9th November, Jabbarwocky, Sheffield, 7:30pm, £6. Harpoon performance at the first birthday party gig of the venue, alongside USA Nails and Yo Dynamo.

Wednesday 6th November, BLOC+, Glasgow, 9pm, free. Harpoon headline this free show, with support to be announced.

Friday 1st November, London – Secret location, 8pm. Harpoon performance alongside Recovery Position, Phantom Chips and Ukaea. Buy a ticket to learn the location…

Thursday 31st October, The Exchange, Bristol, 8pm, £8. Harpoon performance alongside Petbrick, Nah and Jackson Veil Panther.

Saturday 26th October, Dawkins Brewery Easton, Bristol, 8pm, £5. Viridian performance at the launch of the latest Brunswick Club project: TBC Editions. TBC Editions is a new label releasing limited-edition runs of work by artists involved with THE BRUNSWICK CLUB; a community of artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers.

Saturday 19th October, St. George’s, Bristol, 1:30pm, £7.50. Viridian performance as part of The Listening Room Series, along with an incoversation with the cultural historian and theorist D-M Withers, whose work engages with the social practices and aesthetic politics of feminist improvisation.

Thursday 17th October, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 8pm, £5. Tina will perform in an improvising duo with violinist Yvonna Magda, alongside Beck/Hession/Lash and Davis/Grigg.

Sunday 6th October, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 7:30pm, £6. Tina will perform a solo flute and electronics improvisation. Alongside Bell Lungs, Dust and Goblynne’s.

Saturday 21st September, The Cube, Bristol, 1pm onwards, £7 – £15. Tina will perform with Viridian at this Young Echo All Dayer:

ALL DAY and NIGHT sets of music, shows, DJs, visuals and features from YOUNG ECHO. 1pm to 1am of audio activity, visual props, guest spots + a feature film to be announced late in the day. In the Cinema: Viridian Ensemble + Hi5Ghost presents Waxsugi + Salac + Withdrawn & Birthmark +Daniela Dyson & Alex Rendall + Sunun & guest + Ossia & Max Kelan a/v. In the Bar: Boofy b2b Hi5Ghost w/ Emz + Anina +Beavis +PMS Casualty + Manomars & O$VMV$M + Young Echo DJ’s. Tickets available here.

Sunday 15th September, The Exchange, Bristol, 2pm, free. Tina will perform in an improvising duo with drummer Matthew Lovett for this regular Sunday improvisation afternoon.

Monday 9th September, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, 7:30pm, £15/13. Tina will perform with improvising quartet, Halftoneat this special night presented by NawrAlso appearing will be the masterful saxophonist Peter Brötzmann and pedal-steel radical Heather Leigh.

Sunday 8th September, The Exchange, Bristol, 2pm, free. Tina will perform in an improvising quartet for this regular Sunday improvisation afternoon.

Thursday 5th September, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 8pm, £4. Tina will perform with Viridian for this night including Territorial Gobbing, Feghoots and Robert Ridley-Shackleton.

Friday 23rd August, Artsite & The Postmodern, Swindon, 8pm. Tina will perform with two groups for this event – firstly Viridian. Tina will also make a guest appearance with Toke (Robin Foster / Matthew Grigg / Joe Kelly). Details here.

Wednesday 21st August, The Exchange, Bristol, 7pm, £5. Tina will perform with Viridian for this screening of Barbara Hammer’s film, ‘Nitrate Kiss’. There will also be a screening of Vicky Smith’s ‘Noisy Licking, Dribbling and Spitting’. Tickets available here.

Sunday 11th August, The Exchange, Bristol, 2pm, free. Tina will play with Pigeon – an improvising quartet including Tina, Matthew Grigg, Dominic Lash and Yvonna Magda.

Saturday 3rd August, 10pm, Supernormal Festival, Oxfordshire. Tina will be appearing at this special festival with Bristol ensemble Viridian, who are:

‘an ethereal blend of image & noise which re-imagines folkloric forms and tropes of femininity. Improvisation of both sound and image (digital & analogue) produce a dialogic blend of textural depths. Dissociative states, keening, and the supernatural inspirit the ensemble; each performance evokes utterances, nonsensical languages, and trans species forms of communication through collective rhythm, tone and resonance. Inspired by the vangardes of feminist free improvisation such as Les Diaboliques & Feminist Improv Group, as well as 16mm Expanded Cinema; Viridian … give(s) rise to a polyphonic performance of serendipitous enchantments’.

Sadly Supernormal Festival is completely sold out, but if you’re lucky enough to have a ticket, hope to see you there!

Friday 2nd August, Centrala, Birmingham, 8:30pm, £5. Harpoon performance alongside Soft Issues, Ryosuke Kiyasu, and Blackcloudsummoner. Tickets available on the door.

Friday 28th June, The White Rabbit, Bristol, 8pm, free with donations. Tina will appear with ensemble Viridian.

Saturday 22nd June, secret location to be revealed, 12-5pm, Bristol. Harpoon performance at ‘Toilet Fest’ alongside, Rainbow Yawn, Tremolo Ghosts, DJxKWFxLA, Robert Ridley-Shackelton, A N H, and Spunking Octochoke.

A fundraiser with all proceeds to HELP MUSICIANS UK. There will be a raffle for tickets – 14 places available / 2 people per act. Raffle tickets are £1 each – buy as many as you like! Available via JustGiving here – Winners will be announced Monday 17th June (winners will be allocated a slot between 12-5pm).

Saturday 8th June, Elmer’s Tavern, Old Market, Bristol, 6:30pm. Tina will perform with Harpoon as part of Tryptych Festival, an all day festival across three venues in Bristol (also at The Exchange and The Stag & Hounds). Tickets from Headfirst:

Sunday 2nd June. Tina is making a guest performance with Viridian on Noods Radio, a Bristol-based independent station. The performance on the Bokeh Versions Takeover will be streamed live at 12:00.

Tina will then perform at 2pm at The Exchange, Bristol, free entry. This will be a quartet with Matthew Grigg, Joe Kelly and Roger Skerman.

Sunday 1st June, The Old England, Bristol, 9pm, free (with donations). Tina will perform with Halftone (feat. special guest Matthew Grigg), alongside Bilge Pump and Olanza.

Friday 31st May, Cafe Kino, Bristol, £7, 7:30pm. Tina will perform in an improvising duo with violinist Yvonna Magda. Many other great musicians on the bill!


Thursday 16th May, The Trap (under The Crown, All Saints Lane), Bristol, 8pm, free (with donations). Tina will perform with Harpoon for the launch of their forthcoming album, Permission Fist. The album is to be released by Aphelion Editions, on cassette tape and CD. Support comes from Palm Oil and DJs Nadoone & Jen. Pre-order the album here!:


Sunday 29th April, The Exchange, Bristol, 2pm, free. Tina is performing with ‘Dark Kitchen’ – Aaron Hawkins: flute & saxophone, Hugh Kirkbride: bass, Kyle Medford-Hawkins: percussion, Roger Skerman: drums.

Friday 26th April, The Crofters’ Rights, Bristol, 8pm, £5adv £7otd, Harpoon performance at Rainbow Slicer Album Launch with EP/64.


Sunday 14th April, The Exchange, Bristol:

Saturday 13th April, The Cube, Bristol, 8pm, £8. Tina will make another guest performance with Viridian – ‘expanded 16mm projections with an improvised score from some of Bristol’s most crazed sound collagists’. The night is QWAK club #1, also featuring WIDT and The Funnel.

Saturday 6th April, Cathays Community Centre, Cardiff, 7:30pm, £5. Harpoon performance with Vile Sect, Victim Unit & Bodyhacker.

Wednesday 27th March, The Crofters, Bristol, 7:30pm, free. Tina will perform her solo flute and electronics project at the ‘Sound Cupboard – a monthly night showcasing improvised music.

Sunday 3rd March, The Exchange, Bristol, 2pm, free. Tina is performing with ‘Triplicity’ – Hitchens/Lash/Skerman.

Wednesday 6th February, The Old England, Bristol, 8pm, free (donations). Tina will perform at ‘An Evening of Spontaneous Solo Performances’. Other artists include Matthew Grigg, Robin Foster, Paul Archibald, Robert Ridley-Shackleton, Carnivorous Plants and Euan Metz. Click here for full details. 


Saturday 17 November, Creative Innovation Centre, Memorial Hall, Paul Street, Taunton, 7:30pm, £8/5. Tina will be a guest performer with Hullabaloo Orchestra, along with Matthew Grigg, Dom Lash, and Yvonna Magda. The event is part of Hullabaloo – a festival of improvisation and sound.

Thursday 15 November, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 7pm, £4.50. Tina will be performing a new solo flute and electronics improvisation project at Silencio. An evening of ambient music’.

Saturday 27 October, The Old England, Bristol, 15:45 to late, £13. Harpoon performance at Totality Fvckery Witchcraft Halloween All Dayer.

Friday 26 October, The Brunswick Club, Brunswick Square, Bristol, 7pm, £7. Guest performance with Viridian for ‘The Art of Magic’ – The Art of Magic is a new collaborative project and series of studies, art works and performances exploring the nature and lore of magic, based around the unique collection housed at the museum. More details and tickets available via Headfirst.

Thursday 4 October, The Old England, Bristol, 8pm, free. Halftone performance alongside Mike Cooper / Lust Rollers / S*** Ghosts.

Sunday 30 September, The Exchange, Bristol, 3:00pm, free. Performance with a massed improvisation orchestra – ‘Mob Rule’. Details tbc.

Wednesday 14 March, The Exchange, Bristol. Halftone performance – details tbc.

Friday 9 February, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 8:30pm, £6. Halftone performance.

Wednesday 31 January, The Crofters Rights, Bristol, 7:30pm, free. Harpoon performance at The Sound Cupboard, alongside Isn’tses and DSC.


Thursday 14 December, The Greenbank, Bristol, BS5 6HD, 8:30pm. Hokkett performance alongside Strange Strings.

Wednesday 6 December, The Old England, Bristol, 8:30pm, free (donations). Hokkett performance alongside Calcine Quartet and Invisible Man.

Sunday 3 December, Bristol Music Club, 76 St Paul’s Rd, Bristol BS8 1LP, 2:30pm, free (donations). Tina’s flute and recorder students, along with students of pianist Hannah Loach, will perform an evening of music. An informal, supportive atmosphere for students to give a public performance. All welcome!

Sunday 26 November, The Old England, Bristol, 7:30pm, free (donations). Tina will perform with Sue, a new project with Sam Francis and Steph Li. Supporting Motes and Bellies.

Wednesday 15 November, UWE (University of the West of England) Bristol. Hokkett will give an improvised performance-lecture for students alongside artist Benjamin A Owen.

Friday 25 October, Roll for the Soul (Quay St, Bristol, 8pm, free (donations). Hokkett performance alongside Tara Clerkin, Hannah Proudman and Tremolo Ghosts.

Sunday 15 October, The Old England, Bristol, 7:30pm, free (donations). Hokkett performance alongside The Mechanical Tales (Italy) / Iceman Furniss / Hitch / Ravetank.

Saturday 7 October, Roll for the Soul (Quay St, Bristol), 7:30pm, £5 via Headfirst Bristol. Harpoon performance at EP/64 album launch, alongside Tetkov/Lord.

Saturday 30 September, Darkroom Espresso, Faringdon Road, Swindon, 8pm, fee (donations). Harpoon performance alongside TORSO? and Lucia Sellars.

Friday 8 September, Roll for the Soul (Quay St, Bristol), 8pm, £5 on Headfirst Bristol or £7 on the door. Harpoon performance alongside Rattle and Myles Manley.

Sunday 3 September, Trinity Centre (Trinity Road, Bristol), 7:30pm, £11. Hokkett performance at this outdoor cinema event – a screening of ‘In the Mood for Love‘ by Wong Kar-wai. Further information and tickets:

Saturday 1 July, 2pm, free entry to all. As part of the Future Perfect public art programme in Bristol, Tina has been asked to write songs for various community groups as part of Freya Gabie’s Grafted Chorus at Hengrove and Whitchurch Community Orchard. Tina is creating bespoke songs that the groups will come together to perform at this special summer event. Starting from The Orchard, each group will begin their own song as the previous one ends – a song grafted, like a fruit tree, onto the last. And so on, with performers branching out beyond Whitchurch Green. This final performance will include various choirs: Cosmos Choir, Bridge Learning Campus Choir, BEEF Experimental Choir, Hengrove Scouts’ Choir, Happy Notes Choir, and a performance of Holly Corfield Carr’s ‘Hengrove Wassail’.

Sunday 25th June, Bristol Music Club, 76 St Paul’s Rd, Bristol BS8 1LP, 6pm, free (donations). Tina’s flute and recorder students, along with students of pianist Hannah Loach, will perform an evening of music. An informal, supportive atmosphere for students to give a public performance. All welcome!

20th June, The Old England, Bristol, 8pm, free. Hokkett performance – a group with Yvonna Magda and Helen Papaioannou. Alongside Street Eaters (USA) and Another Neville (Bristol).

25th May, Greenbank Pub, Easton, Bristol, time tbc. Halftone performance with Hannah Marshall / Matthew Grigg and Robin Foster, for the BS5 Free Jazz series.

21st May, Church of St John the Baptist, Bristoltime tbc. Halftone performance at GNOD Weekender – Cacophonous Sarcophagus celebration of 10 years of the Salford collective Gnod, with a monumental three day blow-out across three of Bristol’s most unique venues. Very limited weekend (£20) and Saturday (£10) tickets available only through Headfirst Bristol. Friday (£5) and Sunday (£6) tickets available on the door, and through: / Bristol Ticket Shop / Idle Hands / Crack Magazine.

16th May, The Brunswick Club, Brunswick Square, Bristol, 8pm, £7/£5. Halftone performance alongside visuals by Bristol Experimental Expanded Film: BEEF member Laura Phillips, alongside Lori Goldston. Further details available online.

4th May, The Old England, Bristol, 8pm. Harpoon performance with Well Hung Game / Johnny Broke / Giulia / Ofield.

30th May, Spike Island Arts Centre, Bristol, 14:00, free. As part of the Spike Island Open 2017there will be a performance of a song composed by Tina, based on writer Holly Corfield Carr’s ‘Hengrove Wassail’ and performed by four vocalists. This is a work in progress showing to launch a larger project taking place during the summer.

As part of the Future Perfect public art programme in Bristol, Tina has been asked to write songs for various community groups as part of Freya Gabie’s Grafted Chorus at Hengrove and Whitchurch Community Orchard. Tina is creating bespoke songs that the groups will come together to perform at this special summer event. Starting from The Orchard, each group will begin their own song as the previous one ends – a song grafted, like a fruit tree, onto the last. And so on, with performers branching out beyond Whitchurch Green. The final performance will be Saturday 1 July, 14:00.

29th April, The Old England, Bristol, 14:00 onward, free. Tina will perform with Hokkett at the Olanza ALL DAYER, alongside Another Neville, Bruxa Maria, CASUAL SECT, DOWNARD, GRAND COLLAPSE, Marcy, MoE (Norway), Ocean Floor, Olanza, SLONK, YO NO SE, plus more.

7th April, Cafe Kino, Bristol, 7:30pm, £6 ADV / £7 OTD. Halftone performance with Mary Ocher / Burl. Tickets available here:

1st April, The Old England, Bristol, 8pm, free (donations). Harpoon performance with UKAEA and Sam Edwards.

20th MarchThe Bristol Fringe,32 Princess Victoria Street,Bristol, BS8 4BZ – 8:30pm, free entry. Performance with Halftone, alongside the Calcine Quartet.

4th March, Roll for the Soul, Quay St, Bristol, 8pm, free. Tina will perform with Harpoon and a new project – Hokkett – with Yvonna Magda and Helen Papaioannou. Hokkett play skronky / wonky riffs, snippets of melodies & hints of harmonies, woven together through improvisation. Alongside Pink Ice + Doodle Station!

23rd February, The Stag and Hounds, Old Market, Bristol, 8pm, free. Performance with Halftone, alongside Motes and Olanza. 

23rd January, The Crofters’ Rights, Bristol, 8:30pm, free (donations). Performance with Halftone for a Domestic Sound Cupboard event. Alongside Ocean Floor and DSC+guests.


3rd December, The Surrey Vaults, Bristol. Harpoon performance at Aphelion XIV x Totality. All day event – times and entry tbc.

26th November, The Surrey Vaults, Bristol, 9pm, free. Flautist with improvising group Halftone, at a Totality event.

20th November, Arnolfini, Narrow Quay, Bristol, 7:30pm, £14 / £12.50 concessions. Performance with Halftone, supporting Les DiaboliquesScottish vocalist Maggie Nicols, French bassist Joëlle Léandre and Swiss pianist Irène Schweizer.

October 25th, 2016 – 73 Mildmay Cubitt Community Studio Residency, London.
A collaborative project with visual artist Benjamin A Owen. Halftone produced musical counterpoints for residents’ conversations, in the form of live soundtracks for Owen’s ongoing AcCord sessions.


23rd October, The Jam Jar Collective, 4a The Old Malt House, Little Ann Street, Bristol, BS2 9EB, time tbc. Flautist with improvising group Halftone for Wakizashi: 2 Days, 20 Bands.

22nd October, The Firefly, Worcester, 8pm, £4. Appearance with improvising duo Harpoon, alongside Futuro De Hierro (Spain) / Rosebud / DJs.

12th October, The Greenbank, Bristol, 8:30pm, £7. Flautist with improvising group Halftone, alongside MiniThinko

27th September, The Old England, Bristol, 8pm, free. Flautist with improvising group Halftone. With Ghosts & Flowers 7Tet and Saltings.

25th September, Plymouth Arts Centre, 5pm. Flautist for Benjamin A Owen’s G o / d f ” film event, as part of Plymouth Art Weekender.

13th September, at Undertone, 12 Church St, Cardiff, 8pm, £6. Performance with Harpoon. With Rattle and Blood Medals.

6th August, 15:30, Vortex stage. Performance with Halftone at Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire. Collaboration with artist Benjamin A Owen, to produce a new work related to the history of the festival itself, Braziers Park, and the locality and it’s landscapes.

13th July, 8pm, Café Kino, Bristol, £6. Bang the Bore Presents: Andrew Woodhead:Electronics, Dominic Lash & Hannah Marshall:Bass & ‘Cello, Tina Hitchens: Flute/electronics to “Calve” by Ben Trinkle.

8th July, 7pm, free entry. Flautist with improvising quartet Halftone, alongside Caitlin Callahan, Yvonna Magda, and Hannah Marshall. For ‘Bristol Hum’, an Experimental Music & Film Weekender at the Victorian Cloakrooms, Bristol.

7th July, 7:30pm, free entry. Solo flute / electronics part-improvisation performance. The presentation of a new work in collaboration with visual artist Ben Trinkle – Calve – for ‘Bristol Hum’, an Experimental Music & Film Weekender at the Victorian Cloakrooms, Bristol.

10th June. Flautist for Benjamin A Owen’s Goldfinch film event, part of Emergenc(i)es event. Trinity Arts Centre, Bristol.

15th May. Flautist for A QUIET NIGHT IN & BANG THE BORE, Café Kino, Bristol. An evening of contemporary composition, hosted by the first collaboration between Bristol’s Bang the Bore and Exeter’s A Quiet Night In… Featuring music by Catherine Lamb, Frank Denyer, Alvin Lucier, Alice Kemp, Antoine Beuger, Rishin Singh, Jürg Frey, Eva-Maria Houben.



3rd December. Whitebelt with MOSS LIME (MONTREAL)/ ROUNDHEELS + DJ OH PEAS at Dempsey’s, Cardiff.

2nd December. Flautist for Benjamin A Owen’s Goldfinch film event. At Exeter PHOENIX as part of the Artists Moving Image Commission.

31st October. A M A L G A M S. ‘Artists Tina Hitchens, Liam McConaghy, Ellen Southern, Dominic Lash and Hannah Marshall are invited by ONOMATO to collaborate on a new event amalgamating sound and film for this traditional yet unconventional venue. AMALGAMS presents a rare opportunity to experience a new artistic collaboration that traverses the conventional concert format and moves into the realms of performance and art installation. The work has been created over a period of months, in sessions founded on the exchange of ideas between the artists from varying scenes and backgrounds’. John Wesley’s Chapel, Bristol.

9th October. Harpoon with MORVISCOUS +  AUTOTISTIKA + MICRODEFORM, Cafe Cafe Kino, Bristol.

4th September. Whitebelt with Year Of Birds / Not Sorry / Melge, The Urban Bar Whitechapel (176 Whitechapel Road, E1 1BJ).

17th July. Whitebelt at Bristol Harbour Festival 2015.

21st June. Participated in choir for band The Wharves ‘Naz / My Will’ recording:

17th May. Flautist for recording and performance of Ravel’s L’enfant et les sortilèges, for Opera Mint Wales, Cardiff.

27th March. Harpoon with Frog Pocket [Planet Mu] + & DJs & Films, at the Cube Bristol.

Mini UK Tour with Whitebelt and Carriages:

Thursday 8th January – CARDIFF, Dempsey’s
Friday 9th January – BRISTOL: Roll for the Soul
Friday 23rd January – LEEDS: Wharf Chambers, with Kogumaza.
Saturday 24th January – NOTTINGHAM: JT Soar, with Cowtown.
Sunday 25 January – MANCHESTER: The Castle Hotel


8th November. Piccolo orchestral performance for world premiere of Andrew Wilson-Dickson’s Karuna. Dora Stoutzker Hall, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff.

4th October. Whitebelt with MARGOT and Attacked By Wolves, at Roll for the Soul, Bristol.

24th September. Flute improvisation at E.P.- Benjamin Owen @ SPIKE ISLAND TEST SPACE.

8th August. Improvising flute / synthesizers for Society is Possible collaboration with Things Make Electric and Nic Finch, at Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

18th July. Harpoon at ‘Locatronics’ at the Cube, Bristol.

7th July. Whitebelt with Los Cripis and Dogs Legs at Dempseys, Cardiff.

18th February. Whitebelt with Jelas and Mat Riviere, at Unit E, 199 Eade Road, London, N4 1DN.

18th January. Whitebelt with Fairhorns, Trust Fund and Pho Basho at the Cube, Bristol.


9th August. Flute improvisation with Field Sports / Fold Music with Matthew Lovett, Jimmy Ottley and Ian Watson, at Supernormal Festival, Braziers Park, Oxfordshire.

6th May. Improvisation duo with Phil Owen at Jutta Koether’s Seasons and Sacraments installation at Arnolfini, Bristol.

5th May. ‘Three Short Works‘. Flute improvisation with Phil Owen, Matt Davies, Brian Monohan, Stuart Chalmers and Andy Keep. Soundtracks to visual projections in three improvised performances over three days. For Spike Island Open, 2013, Bristol.


Various November dates. Composer and performer for Dots.filmband Shortcuts tour of Aberystwyth, Cardiff, Holyhead, Pontardawe, Lanfyllin, and Cardigan.

14th October. Flute and synthesizers for Things Make Electric vs Chameleonic improvisation performance at Experimentica festival 2011, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.


Flautist / workshop facilitator for Welsh National Opera’s MAX department’s Atmospheres: a time-structured improvisation project in conjunction with composer Pete M Myers. Workshops and performance during autumn 2010 and spring 2011.

Various April dates. Flautist for Shelf Life, a National Theatre Wales, Volcano Theatre &
Welsh National Opera event in Swansea Old Library.


Flautist for John O’Hara’s Magic Voices with Welsh National Opera’s MAX department.

12th October. Organiser and composer / improviser for a la ka Zam: An ensemble of local and guest musicians assembled to perform new music written for this unique show, which included elements of improvisation, randomness and communal singing. Massed instrumentalists from a range of backgrounds: classical, pop, avant-garde, worked  together to produced part-composed performances.



Historic Cardiff New Music Collective events:

9th March 2010 – With band ‘Spencer McGarry Season’ for the launch of their new CD, ‘CNMC: Chamber Works’. Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff.

8th November 2008Canton Uniting Church, Cardiff. With pianist Heleen van Hagenborgh and sonic artist Jez Riley French. Repertoire included Cardew’s Treatise.

23rd October 2008The Gate Arts Centre, Cardiff. With Roshi feat. Pars Radio.

6th March 2008Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Part of the 2008 “Berkeley @ 60: Cardiff Connections” festival. Performed Nettles, Songs for Children, American Suite and Lament alongside premieres of new works from Welsh composers Paul Jones, Dan Phelps and Deri Roberts.

23rd February 2008Canton Uniting Church, Cardiff. Bill with Rhodri Davies, and improvising trio; Taina Niemala, Louie O’Grady and Odysseas Constantinou.

9th November 2007Swn Festival, ‘Tommy’s Bar’, Cardiff. Alongside pop group ‘Spencer McGarry Season’.

24th August 2007Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff. Premieres of work by emerging Welsh composers.

19th March 2007Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff. Performance showcasing new music by Wales-based composers.

28th January 2007Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Premiere of short film New York by Deri Roberts with live acoustic instruments and electronics.

24th October 2006Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea. Performance alongside the You’ll Never Know: Drawing and Random Interference exhibition, including works by Stockhausen, Cage and Wolff.

20th August 2006 – Gallery G39, Cardiff. Performing Matthew Lovett’s Traces and Elements, works incorporating improvisation with a variety of materials and pre-recorded sounds.

6th June 2006Conway Church, Cardiff. With the ‘Conway Suite’ – Dave Stapleton and Deri Roberts.

25th May 2006Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

4th May 2006Trinity College Carmarthen.

9th April 2006Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. Performance included the newly-composed More Than Two Sides to a Story by Keith Tippett and music by John Cage and Kaija Saariaho.

31st March 2006Wales Millennium Centre.

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