Tina is a flautist, improviser and composer who works largely in the fields of contemporary classical music and free improvisation, playing in a variety of musical groups as well as working with artists from other disciplines.

Recent projects include compositions for Freya Gabie’s Grafted Chorus – a project for the ‘Future Perfect public arts programme; a Halftone collaboration with artist Benjamin A Owen at Supernormal Festival; and Amalgams, produced by the ONOMATO collective. Tina has also been a composer / improviser for artist Benjamin A Owen’s Goldfinch film events, collaborated with Field Sports / Fold Music, was a flautist for Song 5 of Welsh National Opera’s Occupation – Five songs that shook the world, and performed orchestral piccolo for the world premiere of Andrew Wilson-Dickson’s Karuna – an oratorio for compassion.

Tina is flautist with Halftone, an improvising quartet with Caitlin Alais Callahan (double bass), Yvonna Magda (violin) and Hannah Marshall (‘cello). Halftone explore the conventions and boundaries of their traditional instruments through unconventional techniques. They translocate from the solo virtuosic tradition to enter a more exploratory, irreverent and collectively-driven realm. The foursome create compelling vocabularies and organic sonic architectures that consider the dynamics of space, subtlety, silence and unity.

‘(Halftone) play an unsettling, absently beautiful post-classical music evoking wind in the trees, unresolved conversations and difficulties around corners’

Tina is part of a live improvising duo, Harpoon, with Aron Ward. They create ‘warped, broken, polyrhythmic techno, doomy drone-squall, and music concrete textures, wrenched from drum machines and FX pedals’. She also plays with Hokkett, with Yvonna Magda (violin) and Helen Papaioannou (sax), who play ‘skronky / wonky riffs, snippets of melodies & hints of harmonies, woven together through improvisation’.

Tina has worked with the Welsh National Opera, National Dance Company Wales, PM Music Ensemble, National Theatre Wales, The Sherman Theatre, and multiple smaller groups. Tina co-founded Cardiff New Music Collective, a group dedicated to performing rarely-heard repertoire, as well as commissioning new works. Tina was a composer / performer for Dots.filmband, who composed and improvised live soundscapes for contemporary short films. She also composed, played synth and sang with Whitebelt, a post-punk / wonky pop 3-piece. Tina is regularly used as a session musician for various pop / TV / radio / film / theatre / dance projects. In addition, Tina is a teacher and freelance audio editor.

Tina initially studied classical flute performance (with Roger Armstrong and Christine Messiter) at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, where she was fortunate to attend Keith Tippett’s educational sessions on free improvisation. These sessions contributed to the broadening of Tina’s musical world and she became increasingly involved in contemporary music during her time at the College, gaining the MMus and BMus (hons) degrees. She was awarded an EMI Music Sound Foundation scholarship, an Ashley Family Foundation scholarship, and the Daniel Emlyn Davies Award.